Refugee Day 2021

On this occasion, SAMA For All celebrates, in partnership with the City of Paris, the Maison des Réfugiés, Singa France, and actors from the art and culture associations.

Five members of our community virtually present works of art, heritage, or artistic performances that are dear to them, in French or English.

A warm and intercultural journey with Zeinaida, Dris, Kareema, Newton and Hazar.

Cultural Diversity: Enriching Society

SAMA For All organizes the first cultural event this year!

The topic is “The Cultural Diversity: enriching society”

The objective of this event is to show how cultural diversity brought by newcomers enriching their host country? 

It’ a virtual round table, where three dynamic women will tell us how multiculturalism is enriching both their work and their new homeland?

Artist Statement

In my painting, I explore a world in which figurative painting coexists with abstraction. I try to convey emotion or an idea rather than a reality.

Each series of paintings mirrors a different state of mind, a spiritual moment, a doubtful moment, or an echo from the past reflecting my Middle Eastern background… it is emotional on many levels.

I paint mostly in acrylic combined with a variety of media, including fabric, Japanese paper, clay, sand, and photo transfers.

Lina Faroussi- Visual artist

Refugee Day 2020

 SAMA For All is taking part in this occasion in partnership with la Maison des Réfugiés Emmaus Solidarité, Singa France and other actors from the associative world around the theme: “Cultural diversity manifests “.

Promoting cultural diversity and creating a dialogue between different cultures is one of SAMA For All’s objectives.

Members of our community are ambassadors of diversity and cultural richness from around the world.

This cultural and linguistic diversity of the SAMA For All community creates a multi-colored mosaic.

Four participants from our community present the exchange and meeting of cultures on the platform Zoom.

  • Mona presents the work “Le Bal du moulin de la Galette”, by Auguste Renoir, housed at the Orsay Museum.
  • Zenaida presents contemporary dance.
  • Darine presents a historic Syrian monument “The Citadel of Aleppo”.
  • Kerstin presents a historic Parisian monument “The Eiffel Tower”.